Mitigating the economic and environmental crisis by supporting the market environment, professional qualifications and building sewerage infrastructure in Tripoli - SlovakAid

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Mitigating the economic and environmental crisis by supporting the market environment, professional qualifications and building sewerage infrastructure in Tripoli

Location of implmentation
State of projects implementation
Type of financing
Humanitarian projects
Implementation period
01.08.2021 - 31.08.2022
Supporting creation of market conditions
ODA grant
200000 EUR
Človek v ohrození, n.o.
Leb Relief


The project addresses the economic and environmental crisis in Lebanon, which has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic; it will provide professional qualifications, business and employment support, and improve the sewage infrastructure and the environment in the city of Tripoli. 90 local residents from Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian communities will receive technical professional competence and paid internship in WASH plumbing, while their selection will be based on economic and social vulnerability and 30% of them will be women, 4% disabled people. Apprentices will acquire the necessary life skills, career counseling and mediation of job opportunities and psychosocial assistance. In practice, the apprentices will be involved in installation work and repairs of the waste and rainwater sewage infrastructure in the range of 1000 m in key locations. In the project, the local government will get the connection of 200 households and businesses to the sewage system leading to the municipal treatment plant, and the intervention will have a significant impact on the health, hygiene, quality of life and environment for 4,000 local residents living on streets flooded with contaminated water due to missing or damaged infrastructure. In order to support entrepreneurship, the project will create or preserve 30 jobs and materially or financially support 10 small local businesses that are at risk of disappearing or losing jobs or those that were founded by the apprentices of this project. Last but not least, the project will influence local residents' awareness of maintenance and good management of rainwater and waste water for a total of 6,500 people locally and nationally, thus increasing the sustainability of the intervention and multiplying the positive impact on the environment. For the stated reasons, the project will be a practical and comprehensive intervention with the intention of improving the economy and the environment and strengthening the resilience, livelihood and health of the most vulnerable communities. Local partner - Leb Relief is an NGO based in Tripoli that is currently working to cover the basic needs of the most vulnerable Lebanese and refugee communities in cooperation with local authorities, UN agencies and international NGOs. Leb Relief contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals through its activities in sectors such as livelihood development, social stabilization, SHELTER, WASH, health care and food security, protection and education. The organization pays attention to the involvement of women and people with disabilities in its projects and tries to contribute to sustainable development through the implementation of projects that support the environment and solve the consequences of climate change. In the field of water management, Leb Relief implemented several projects aimed at improving health conditions, hygiene and access to water for selected communities.

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