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Team Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation

Lucia Kišš, MSc.

Lucia Kišš is director to SAIDC as of 2018. She had previously worked for more than five years at the Ministry of the Interior, as the Director of the Department of the Inclusion of Marginalized Roma Communities and was responsible for the effective implementation of part of the Human Resources Operational Program (EUR 450 million). She also worked in the EU and for a Brussels-based NGO. In Indonesia, she worked for the European Delegation in trade and project preparation at the International Organization for Migration (IOM). She holds Master's degree in International Development and Migration from the Oxford University. She graduated cum laude in International Relations and Political Science at the University of Birmingham.

Organizational Unit

Sabina Slimáková, M.A.

Head of the Organizational Unit

Silvia Chomová

Mgr. Marta Jašureková

Communication Manager

Project Management Unit

Mgr. Renáta Mezeiová

Head of the Project Management Unit

MSc. Veronika Trebulová

Project and Financial Manager - Moldova, Humanitarian Aid Projects - Ukraine and V4 Project in Kenya, UNDP, UNESCO and USAID

Ing. Lívia Siváčková

Project and Financial Manager - Microgrants

Mgr. Katarína Kucharik Jarošová

Project and Financial Manager - Volunteers, Eastern Partneship (GE, MD, UA), EU co-funded Projects and Capacity building

Denisa Močková, MSc.

Project and Financial Manager - Kenya, Sub-Saharan Africa, Development Education and Joint Programming in Kenya

Ing. Jakub Šimek

Project and Financial Manager - Afghanistan, Entrepreneurial Partnership Program and Eximbanka Projects

Mgr. Lukáš Zamborský

Project and Financial Manager - Financial contributions, Monitoring, Evaluation, Methodology, Statistical Reportind and ODA SR Analysis

Rastislav Bílik, MSc.

Project and Financial Manager - Humanitarian Aid Projects and Western Partnership

Alexandra Šarinová, M.A.

Project and Financial Manager - SSE and Microgrants

Development coordination diplomats (MFEA SR)

Mgr. Maroš Kramár

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Chisinau, Moldova

Mgr. Petra Poľašková

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Nairobi, Kenya

RNDr. Zuzana Pálošová, PhD.

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Georgia, Tbilisi

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