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SlovakAid Stakeholders

A substantial part of our world contains of members from countries and communities that face grand developmental and existential challenges. These challenges are greater than their potential to address them. The worst thing people can do is beat aside. The foreign policy of the Slovak Republic determined, an integral part of which is the responsibility of implementation of development cooperation under this SlovakAid, with an emphasis on a holistic approach and solidarity.

Since its official establishment in 2003, SlovakAid has succeeded in establishing itself on the international scene in the 17 years of its existence and transforming itself from the position of recipient of aid to a responsible donor.

The SlovakAid brand embodies efficiency, addressability, credibility and, despite a relatively low budget, is a strong and serious partner. The progress achieved was also stated in the first evaluation of the development cooperation of the Slovak Republic by the OECD Committee for Development Aid in 2018.

The importance of development cooperation as an instrument of Slovakia's foreign policy is gradually growing, which, however, is not reflected in the budget earmarked for this area. The Slovak Republic, as a donor, has to constantly increase the volume of public resources to achieve development cooperation and fulfil its international obligations. The most important of these is to accomplish a share of 0.33% of ODA provided in gross national income by 2030. The Slovak Republic is currently achieving a share of 0.14% of ODA / GNI with an annual volume of ODA of 123.5 mils. EUR (data for 2020), which represents a 16.3% year-on-year increase compared to 2019).

Who are the major performers of SlovakAid?

Several central state administration bodies actively participate in SlovakAid's activities. In addition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic as the national coordinator of development cooperation, the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic has an crucial position as an entity responsible for providing material humanitarian aid, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Slovak Republic which supports global and development education and manages  Governmental scholarships of the SR for foreign students, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic under the support of partner countries in the field of public finance and building capacities of business entities for their involvement in development cooperation. The Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic mainly provides humanitarian aid abroad. SlovakAid tools administered by SAMRS are also actively used by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic and its departmental organizations.

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic

MFEA SR is the national coordinator of development cooperation.

Directorate General for Economic and Development Cooperation
Department for Development Assistance and Humanitarian Aid
Phone: +421 2 5978 36 41


Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

MF SR focuses on the transfer of experience and knowledge from economic transformation and public finance management and support for the involvement of the private sector in development cooperation. The aim of transferring Slovakia's transformation and reform experiences to partner countries is to support democratization processes and good governance.

International Relations Section
Department of Financial Instruments and International Institutions

Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic

MI SR is the coordinator and implementer of the provision of official humanitarian aid to the Slovak Republic abroad. The Civil Protection Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and later the Crisis Management Section became the National Contact and Coordination Centre for the Provision and Receipt of Humanitarian Aid.

Crisis Management Section


Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic

MESRaS SR implements bilateral development cooperation through a program of government scholarships, outline a long-term part of the development cooperation of the Slovak Republic. Program of government scholarships implements bilateral development cooperation following the Medium-Term Development Cooperation Strategy of the Slovak Republic for 2019 - 2023.

Section for International Cooperation and European Affairs

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic

MARD SR participates in the development cooperation of the Slovak Republic through contributions to international organizations and the implementation of bilateral projects.

Policy and Foreign Coordination Section

Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic

ME SR implements bilateral and multilateral development cooperation through factual departments and departmental organizations in the form of project cooperation aimed at transferring experience to partner institutions in developing countries in the form of contributions to international organizations.

Section for Environmental Policy, EU and International Relations
Department of International Relations

Odbor medzinárodných vzťahov

Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

MD SR through the Centre of Ecumenical Pastoral Service of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and cooperation with other actors, especially the MI SR, MFEA SR provides humanitarian aid of the Slovak Republic abroad.