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Cofinanced projects

EU Co-funded projects

EU co-funded projects are a SlovakAid tool of support for eligible entities that apply for funds from grant schemes within the development tools of the European Commission (for example EIDHR, DEAR, EUAV).

EU co-funded instrument covers mandatory co-financing of Slovak eligible entities in approved EU projects.

This tool strengthens Slovakia’s share within EU development cooperation and the connection of the Slovak development aid with EU development policy.

Involvement in pan-European development projects contributes to raising professionalism and expertise, building long-term partnerships and making the SlovakAid brand more visible.


Veronika Trebulová, MSc.
Project and Financial Manager - Moldova, Humanitarian Aid Projects - Ukraine 2020 and V4 Project in Kenya, UNDP, UNESCO and USAID, Entrepreneurial Partnerships and EU co-funded Projects
tel.: +421-2-5978-2615