The Slovak Republic continues providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine - SlovakAid

The Slovak Republic continues providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

One of Slovakia's development cooperation goals – to focus on humanitarian projects – continues with another concrete form of assistance. Slovakia’s plan to help Ukraine with the situation in demining was supported by the handover of an underwater drone demining system used to find mines and unexploded ammunition.

Last December, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic provided Ukraine´s Embassy in Slovakia with a SlovakAid financial contribution valued at EUR 750 thousand to buy two Božena demining systems for humanitarian demining of the Kherson region. Their delivery and the training of a team are planned for this September. 

Four additional special drones

As part of the currently provided contribution there are also four additional special drones, which are used to find mines and unexploded underwater ammunition. This aid is one of the ways that Slovakia wants to support the disposal of as many explosive devices as possible and thus speeding up the process of restoring Ukrainian waters. 

“Ukraine´s humanitarian assistance needs are growing each day and, therefore, we want to focus on concrete assistance projects. We want to support those that will contribute to protecting the lives of its inhabitants,” emphasized Foreign Affairs Minister Juraj Blanár.

Underwater drones can travel at a maximum speed of three knots and dive to a depth of 200 meters. They enable real-time and high-quality image and video recording. In addition to the underwater environment, they also provide the possibility of surveying ship hulls, submerged objects or assistance in the emergency rescue of people.

On top of bilateral humanitarian assistance (currently evaluated application from SlovakAid humanitarian call - Provision of basic health care and psycho-social assistance to vulnerable persons affected by the war conflict in Ukraine), Slovakia will also continue to provide non-military aid to Ukraine as part of the international community of countries. As a member of the Ramstein Demining Coalition, it will, along with other states, participate in solutions that will contribute to a better security situation and the protection of Ukrainian inhabitants.

SOURCE: pfoto Embassy of Ukraine in Slovakia, text MFEA SR