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Healthy water for Rivne

Location of implmentation
State of projects implementation
Type of financing
Development projects
Implementation period
01.09.2021 - 31.01.2023
Infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources
ODA grant
199373 EUR
Asociácia vodárenských spoločností
: Ukrajinská asociácia podnikov vodovodno-kanalizačného hospodárstva „Ukrvodokanalekologia“; 2: Rivnenská oblastná výrobná komunálna spoločnosť vodovodno-kanalizačného hospodárstva „Rivneoblvodokanal“


The aim of the project is to support the quality of life and health of Rivne-city residents through the sharing of experience in the modernization of water management systems and the use of modern technologies in water management, through the sustainable development of outdated infrastructure. Therefore, the project will aim to achieve the following results: 1. increase awareness of the professional public about ensuring the safe supply of drinking water through the installation of smaller technological equipment and on the operation of these facilities in water companies in the Slovak Republic; 2. in cooperation with representatives of partner organizations, prepare a proposal of a specific technical and technological solution for self-production of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection of drinking water at a specific water treatment plant Kyivska in the city of Rivne; 3. installation and commissioning of a particular sodium hypochlorite production facility directly at the raw water inlet, including the training of specialist personnel of the Rivne Water Company. To achieve the results, AVS will take traditional steps – we will organize a series of events (educational seminar and interactive workshop, processing of project documentation with the most optimal technology and the actual operation of a new technological equipment for the production of sodium hypochlorite from the kitchen salt. We will use traditional communication tools to inform about the project and project activities – website and social networks of applicant, partner organizations, and local or regional media in Ukraine.

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