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Rehabilitation of two water wells for the Hjeira community in Syria

Syrian Arab Republic
Location of implmentation
State of projects implementation
Type of financing
Humanitarian projects
Implementation period
01.08.2021 - 31.08.2022
Infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources
ODA grant
199916 EUR
Nadácia Integra


The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of life and health of people in the pandemic and post-pandemic period by sustainable access to safe drinking water for the internally displaced population and returnees in the Hjeirehu area, Syria. Thanks to the project, 12,000 people will have access to sufficient safe water, of which 6,120 are women and 5,880 are men. The specific goals of the project are to increase the quality and availability of drinking water with a positive impact on the environment and to ensure protection against the spread of the COVID-19 disease to the most vulnerable groups of the population. The measurable indicators of the project are 12,000 people who will gain access to a sufficient amount of safe water in the amount of at least 30 l / person / day, the quality of which will be shown by tests, of which 90% of the results will show a sludge of less than 10 coliform bacteria per 100 ml and a residual level free chlorine will be 0.2 mg to 0.5 mg per liter, 20 trained technical workers on technical operating procedures and 480 trained households on water, hygiene, sanitation and communicable diseases, including measures against the spread of COVID-19. The goals and results will be ensured by the main activities, which are the rehabilitation of two water wells, the training of technical personnel, in the number of 20 people capable of operating the water system, and the training of 480 households of the target community, especially on water, hygiene, health, communicable diseases. Thanks to the project, the position of women and girls in the community will also improve by eliminating the burden of providing water, which often falls on them. In connection with the cross-cutting topic of ŽP and ZK, the applicant classified the project in category B, because the project represents only a low risk for ŽP and ZK and at the same time represents opportunities for raising awareness of ŽP. Local partner – Medair has experience in implementing projects in the WASH area since 2015, since its interventions have improved the situation of thousands of people by giving them access to clean drinking water. Over the past six years, Medair has implemented WASH activities in Quneitra Governorate and rural Damascus, including cross-sectoral approaches. In implementing this project, Medair will rely on the experience gained, the engagement of interested parties and technical capacities. Medair has a contract with the Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR) and has a strong technical staff capable of overseeing the implementation work.

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