Strengthening access to basic food and hygiene needs for the most vulnerable part of the population in Ukraine - SlovakAid

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Strengthening access to basic food and hygiene needs for the most vulnerable part of the population in Ukraine

Location of implmentation
State of projects implementation
Type of financing
Humanitarian projects
Implementation period
01.08.2022 - 28.02.2023
Infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources
ODA grant
329797.02 EUR
ADRA- Adventistická agentúra pre pomoc a rozvoj, o.z.


The main goal of the project is to strengthen food security and improve the access to basic hygiene items for approx. 23,760 people (7,920 family boxes with humanitarian aid, designed for a family of 3 people) affected by the war in Ukraine, through the distribution of humanitarian boxes. Each box contains 14 kg of durable food and basic hygiene items, which will last a family of three for 2-3 weeks. The project will be a direct follow-up to the identical and ending ADRA International project. ADRA Slovakia, in cooperation with the partner organization ADRA Ukraine, will implement the project in liberated Ukrainian cities, areas with low access to some of the staple foods, as well as in places where access to food is insufficient. The assistance is also intended for internally displaced persons in the area of Western Ukraine who are staying in emergency accommodation and do not have sufficient access to food and basic needs. The submitted project will directly help the households located in such areas. Once a month, ADRA Slovakia will buy durable food and hygiene supplies, pack them in its packaging centers in Trenčín and Košice, load them into a truck, and send them to an ADRA warehouse in Mukachevo (or another area) in Ukraine. The project will enable ADRA to send 6 trucks (7,920 family boxes with humanitarian aid, on 198 pallets, which is about 120 tons of humanitarian aid). The main activity of the project will be the distribution of family boxes with humanitarian aid in Ukraine and will be provided by the partner organization ADRA Ukraine, which, thanks to previous shipments from ADRA Slovakia, has thus provided access to food and hygiene items to more than 9,240 families (more than 27,000 beneficiaries). Within the cross-cutting theme of the environmental protection, the project belongs to category B and does not pose a threat to the environment, as it presupposes strategic purchase of goods - in large packages, recyclable packaging of goods - in cardboard boxes, and capacity efficient transport of goods to Ukraine - by sending only full large trucks. Within the cross-cutting theme of equal opportunities, the project belongs to category B - it represents a positive impact on equality between men and women. Family aid packages are intended for households that are currently largely cared for by women in Ukraine. The aid boxes also include basic hygiene needs for women. A significant proportion of affected people are women with children, the elderly and people with special needs. The project helps women cope with the difficult situation of having to take responsibility for securing the whole family. The positive impact of the project on gender equality is also evidenced by previous experience with distribution, records and photos from activities.