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National Convention on the EU in Albania

Location of implmentation
State of projects implementation
Type of financing
Development projects
Implementation period
01.11.2021 - 30.04.2023
Good governance and building civil society
ODA grant
11500 EUR
Výskumné centrum Slovenskej spoločnosti pre zahraničnú politiku
EMA - European Movement in Albania, Lëvizja Europiane në Shqipëri


The project focuses on the operation and sustainability of the platform for an institutionalized public debate on European integration issues which is based on the partnership of governmental, non-governmental, business and interest institutions, as well as on strengthening Albania's capacity for EU accession negotiations – National Convention on the EU in Albania. The goal of the project is to continue to involve the professional public (with the up to 50 per cent participation of women) in the process of creation of national positions in EU integration agenda; transfer of Slovak know-how from political, economic and social transformation (with direct and indirect focus on environment – WG III); as well as maintaining an interactive information resource on European integration. The project envisages the work of four working groups on themes WG I: Judiciary and Fundamental Rights, WG II: Justice, Freedom and Security, WG III: Agriculture and WG IV: Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments, which will carry out 16 meetings and two plenary sessions. By involving a wide range of experts, the project will contribute to further building the expertise of governmental and non-governmental organizations, intensifying their mutual dialogue, and deepening bilateral cooperation between Albania and Slovakia.  In addition to the Working Group meetings, where experts from Slovakia will participate, the key outputs of the project will be sectoral recommendations for the government and their publication in e-form in the up-to-date website and a facebook account, as well as a media presentation of the project and the euro-integration process and the Council to also be able to implement the project objectives in the long term. In the context of the project implementation itself, the project team will uphold the rules and will adopt concrete measures related to protection of environment.

Martin Klus during the plenary session of the National Convention on the European Integration of Albania 2021-2023:

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