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Ministry of Foregin and European Affairs

Dear visitors,

please let me welcome you to the new website of the Official Development Aid of the Slovak Republic (ODA), that we launch on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of our development program. Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (MFEA SR) started to provide official development assistance under the logo SlovakAid in 2003. The following years we have gradually developed strategic, legal and institutional framework of the program. There have been established Department for Development and Humanitarian Assistance, Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAIDC), law on development aid entered into force and five-year medium-term strategies and annual national programs have been created. But mainly, we started with the implementation of specific projects and activities. Development assistance has become an integral part of the foreign policy and daily work of the MFEA SR.

It is nice to hear from department partners, Foreign Ministers of the Western Balkans or the Eastern Partnership, how they appreciate advice and recommendations from Slovak experts and how is our know-how helpful for their integration process and the institution and market economy building. I am always pleased when I meet graduates of Slovak universities in countries such as Mongolia or Vietnam, as they talk fluently in Slovak about their success in their native country and the cooperation with Slovakia. I admire Slovak doctors, experts and volunteers, who, in difficult and challenging environment of Kenya, South Sudan, and Afghanistan, help local communities, far from their family and loved ones, often risking their health and life. For me, meetings with these people are rewarding and it gives you the best answer to the question, why Slovakia helps the world . The new website provides you, its visitors, with the possibility of virtual meetings. You'll learn about development programs, projects and activities supported by the Slovak government, but especially the people, without whom these activities could actually never be fulfilled. I believe that many of you will be encouraged in your plans, or even inspired to get involved in the SlovakAid program in some way. Go ahead, enter the world of SlovakAid !
Miroslav Lajčák

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic


The 2007 Official Development Assistance Act (Act No. 617/2007 Coll.) made the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) responsible for leading and coordinating Slovakia's development co-operation. The Ministry is the main focal point for development co-operation strategy and policy leadership within the national system. The MFEA’s Development Assistance and The Humanitarian Aid Department are responsible for strategic and programmatic guidance of the Slovak development co-operation. More than 12 ministries and other state authorities are engaged in the Slovak ODA.  These entities are coordinated through auspices of the Coordination Committee for Slovak Official Development Assistance, chaired by the MFEA. The Medium-Term Strategy for Official Development Assistance (2014-2018) is a major strategic document of the Slovak ODA, setting out modalities, geographic and thematic priorities. The Medium-Term Strategy is approved at the level of a Governmental Decree which makes it legally binding for all governmental institutions. The Strategy covers both, multilateral and bilateral ODA, including the humanitarian assistance; it is implemented and its objectives are pursued through the annual national ODA programs.




We regard transparency of the overall management of the Official Development Assistance of the Slovak Republic as a key prerequisite for its effectiveness. Please use this form to report any serious concerns you have over wrongdoing that occured in the practice of the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation, including suspected fraud or corruption involving our employees, contractors or partner organisation. The form can be submitted anonymously.