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Joint Programming in Kenya – AgriFI Challenge Fund

The European Union's joint programming in the field of development cooperation has been running since 2011 and aims to streamline, harmonize and prevent duplication of member states activities in this area.

SAIDC signed at the end of August 2019 a grant contract with an Irish organization Self-Help Africa (SHA), as part of our joint programming in Kenya, which the Slovak Republic joined by a government decision in 2017. It is a cooperation during the period of 2018-2023 in the agricultural sector, through participation in the AgriFI program and its component No.1: KILIMO-VC (Support for productive, adapted and market-integrated small-scale farmers in Kenya). The Challenge Fund is part of the wider AgriFI program funded under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) to unlock, accelerate and leverage investments within value chains.

Objectives of the program

  • Improving the integration of the value chain of smallholder farmers and pastoralists by providing incentives for investment in the agri-food sector
  • Supporting smallholder farmers in the transition from self-sufficiency to business-oriented approaches
  • Supporting environmentally sustainable farming practices and involvement of often excluded groups -  including women and rural youth
  • contribute to reducing the country's food deficit and strengthening the competitiveness of Kenya's agricultural sector

SR contributes to this component with 2,5 mil. EUR. The total allocated sum, together with the EU contribution, amounts to 24,5 mil. EUR. The European Investment Bank will supplement this financing with match-funding up to 50 mil. EUR. Self-Help Africa is the grant manager of the AgriFI program and is the coordinator of the process of selection and contracting of about 50 agricultural enterprises (small and medium-sized cooperatives), among which the total amount of 18.3 mil. EUR (Challenge Fund) will be re-distributed.

Expected results of the program

  • Increased turnover by 25% for 50 agri-enterprises
  • 100,000 farmers better integrated into value chains
  • 10,000 net-equivalent jobs created
  • 15 trade associations strengthened
  • 70% increase in smallholder marketed produce
  • 20,000 ha of land under climate-smart agriculture

Results achieved so far

  • 22 agri-enterprises supported
  • allocated sum of 10, 7 mil. EUR
  • reach on over 30 thousand farmers, of which almost 23 thousand trained in climate-smart agriculture technologies
  • about 20 thousand farmers have improved access to the market
  • 236 full-time jobs and 1 178 part-time jobs created
  • supported value chains - dairy, horticulture, fisheries, cotton, pyrethrum, coffee, sorghum or nuts
  •  at least 5 000 young people and 11 000 women get higher and more stable income
  • An average increase in the annual turnover of enterprises supported under the 1st grant call by 5% for the financial period 2019/2020