Moldova - SlovakAid


Moldova represents one of the SlovakAid programme (priority) countries in accordance with the Medium Term Strategy for Development Cooperation of the Slovak Republic for 2019 - 2023. Development cooperation with Moldova is go­verned by the Bilateral Agreement on Develop­ment Cooperation between the Government of the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Moldo­va signed in October 2013. Moldova has been a SlovakAid partner country since 2009, with cooperation significantly intensifying since then.

The Slovak Embassy in Chisinau was established in 2013. The development cooperation between Slovakia and Moldova has been also strengthened through the creation of the position of a development diplomat (hosted by the Embassy of the SR in Chisinau).

Moldova committed to the implementation of reforms by signing the Association Agreement with the EU in 2014. In the same year, Moldova became a SlovakAid program­me country. Slovakia supports Moldova’s trans­formation efforts and its economic growth, as well as provides assistance in implementing reforms. At the same time, Moldova represents an oppor­tunity for private sector engagement in develop­ment cooperation.

Development tools:

  • Projects (Grant Scheme)
  • Sharing Slovak Expertise (SSE)/ former Center for Experience Transfer
  • Sending Volunteers and Experts
  • Financial contributions (including microgrants)
  • Governmental Scholarships
  • Multilateral cooperation with USAID and UNDP