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Strategy for Development Cooperation with Afghanistan approved

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic approved Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Development Cooperation with Afghanistan for 2014-2018 on May 7,2014.

The Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Development Cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for 2014–2018 seeks to shift cooperation to a higher level, using a coordinated and policy-driven approach based on an analysis of the needs of Afghan society and the comparative advantages and experience Slovakia has in defined sectors. The strategy is based on the Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS – Afghan National Development Strategy) for 2008–2013, which is the primary document used to implement poverty reduction strategies in Afghanistan.

The strategy has been elaborated in consultation with stakeholders from the Slovak Republic and in line with NGO recommendations. It also gives an overview of Slovakia’s current development activities and initiatives in Afghanistan and defines basic principles, priority areas and development cooperation objectives shared by Slovakia and Afghanistan in 2014 – 2018. The strategy applies a more systematic approach to development cooperation that defines the objectives and results to be achieved by the various development interventions. In order to ensure effective implementation and transparent supervision of the use of public finances, a regular monitoring and evaluation mechanism is also included in the strategy.

In line with the Medium-Term Strategy for Development Cooperation for 2014–2018, the priority areas for development cooperation between Slovakia and Afghanistan are:

Since 2003, Slovakia has supported development projects in Afghanistan totalling 3.8 million EUR. Moreover, it has helped fund a number of development activities in the country, thereby bringing the total contribution to Afghanistan to approx. 9.3 million EUR.