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Slovakia is sending humanitarian aid to Philippines

On November 9th, super typhoon Haiyan hit archipelago of the Philippines and also an area that has been destroyed by a powerful earthquake with magnitude 7.2, not even a month ago. Haiyan, sometimes reaching power of over 300 kilometers per hour, according to official figures from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) caused the death of about 3,600 people and nearly half a million people have lost their homes, according to estimates. Humanitarian aid from the United States, European Union, Australia and other countries is heading to the country.

Slovak Republic provided Philippines with the humanitarian financial assistance in the amount of 20,000 Euros to cover acute needs in relation to the damage caused by the typhoon.

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs M. Lajčák approved the allocation of financial humanitarian aid as Slovak contribution to the efforts of the international community, which recognizes the need for a rapid response to natural disasters with significant destructive consequences. Slovakia is also assisting Philippines through private sources and charity collections of non-governmental organizations.