New healthcare center in Northern Afghanistan funded by SlovakAid - SlovakAid

New healthcare center in Northern Afghanistan funded by SlovakAid

6,000 Afghan families will be provided with basic healthcare through SlovakAid development project

Development project implemented by Slovak NGO ADRA will provide basic healthcare according to international standards to the large community of ethnic Uzbeks living in remote areas of Afghanistan.

The main aim of this development project was to provide basic healthcare through establishing of  a medical facility for almost 6,000 families from ethnic Uzbek community, who have had very limited access to health services. The Centre is the only facility of its kind located in a walking distance from the community.

 Medical Center in  Tunic Hassan Tobin in Jawzjan province in Northern Afghanistan provides primary healthcare services in accordance with standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) called . Basic Packages of Health Services – BPHS, which define minimum standards and types of medical operations provided in these type of facilities. The center offers vital hospital care including antenatal, delivery and post-natal care, consultations regarding family planning , routine vaccinations , growth monitoring of children , treatment of childhood diseases, malaria and tuberculosis ( including the use of international DOTS protocol – Directly Observed Therapy Shortcourse – used for detection and treatment of infectious diseases) and distribution of essential drugs.

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Medical center will employ a nurse, midwife and an expert on vaccination and will cover a population of 15 -30 thousands. The project also provided training in human rights, hygiene and health, family planning and environmental protection. These training sessions attended by more than 3,000 members of the local community.

Center enjoys great popularity and will continue to operate under the auspices of the local authority of the Ministry of Health of Afghanistan providing trained personnel and other necessary medical equipment. BPHS centers fall within the priorities of the Afghan government and there is a great chance for long-term sustainability of the project. The local community itself played a key role in the project, the community supported the project by donating land and took part in the assistance construction works.

The project was financed by Official Development Assistance programme of the Slovak Republic – Slovak Aid.