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Annual Reports SAIDC

The major goal of Annual Reports of SAIDC is to present and evaluate the results we achieved working together with our partners.
Annual Reports of SAIDC are available for download below in the Documents section.


Roads are created by walking on them. Regardless of when Franz Kafka said this sentence, it is still valid. 2020 saw a fundamental change in the lives of people around the world. We had to leave the ingrained footsteps of stereotypes and start to walk  forward on an unknown path. We were convinced that the new Coronavirus knew no borders and no person was safe until everyone was safe. Belonging and solidarity have proven to be the cornerstone of a challenging path towards overcoming the consequences of the pandemic. SlovakAid has therefore fully covered assistance from Slovakia wherever necessary and possible.
Despite the difficulties brought about by the novel coronavirus pandemic, SAMRS has continued its efforts. In 2020, the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation administered 76 micro-grants, announced 15 calls for grant applications and supported a total of 55 projects. 26 financial contributions were paid, the deployment of 18 volunteers to partner countries was supported and a number of technical assistance activities were organised under the Sharing Slovak Expertise programme. Funds used totalled to over EUR 5.2 million. This is thanks to the deployment and commitment of the Agency’s team and its partners.
The pandemic required a rapid and flexible response and adjustment of several activities. One long-planned call for strategic partnerships in Kenya had to be cancelled and funds were reallocated to two new humanitarian calls for proposals related to mitigating the negative impacts caused by the spreading coronavirus pandemic. One call responded to healthcare and the other focused on the indirect socio-economic impacts of the pandemic. Small and medium-sized enterprises, not only non-profit organisations, could also apply for subsidies.
For most of 2020, SAMRS staff worked remotely to protect themselves and their loved ones. The Agency was successfully audited by the EU (the so-called Pillar Assessment) and an agreement on EU delegated cooperation aimed at strengthening the capacity and sustainability of local media in Moldova is in the process of being prepared. The Agency also defended the ISO 9001 quality management system in place (TUV NORD).
At the time of the extreme stress test for mankind, 2020 was maximised to the benefit of those whom Slovakia helped through Official Development Assistance (ODA). SAMRS is part of a common effort to combat the consequences of the pandemic, one world, understands the world’s language of tolerance and respect.
Our home is the world, our world is solidarity and humanity. Our aim is to make these characteristics be seen. This is why in 2020 SAMRS brought the POMOC!/HELP! exhibition to the public space in the capital through a testimony – a contribution to the understanding of the importance of Slovakia’s aid in the world – photos from Kenya, South Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, and Lebanon, showing the overall situation and living conditions in these countries and impressing the fate of the people involved in the various SlovakAid projects.
The SAMRS annual report is not just a summary of the results in particularly challenging times. It is a message and signature in this world that SAMRS wants to show that belonging and empathy are forever justified, especially in times of crisis.
Lucia Kišš, SAIDC Director