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Development Interventions Programme

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Development Interventions Programme

Development Interventions Programme is a key programme of Slovak bilateral cooperation with three programme countries of SlovakAid and South Sudan. Cooperation with these countries is based on long-term strategic partnerships and is characterised by a bigger volume of financial resources. MFEA SR prepared a development cooperation strategy, so called CSP for each of these countries. CSP specifies the goals, priorities and modalities of bilateral development cooperation.
Goals of the programme: human development of partner countries, primarily by supporting education and employment; support of democracy and good governance including dialogue between civil society and state institutions.
Territorial focus: Afghanistan, Kenya, Moldova and South Sudan
Sectoral focus: Sectoral priorities are defined separately for each country and depend on the needs of the partner country, previous Slovak experience from the bilateral development cooperation, available capacities and comparative advantages of Slovak entities and activities of other donors in the country.


  • education - education aimed at facilitation of access to the labour market and selfemployment, especially for women and young people, vocational training of healthcare personnel and in agriculture.
  • security sector reform;
  • agriculture - food security, modernisation of the agricultural sector (production and processing).
  • healthcare - improve health status in Kenya particularly among children and mothers; make healthcare and preventive services more accessible and effective;
  • education - decrease level of youth unemployment; make quality education and vocational training more accessible and effective;
  • agriculture - reduce poverty and strengthen food security through support of economic growth in agriculture;
  • good governance - strengthen democratic political system, rule of law, good governance and implementation of reforms, mainly by sharing Slovak transformation and reform experience.                   


  • good governance – reform of public finance, security sector reform, promotion of democratic processes at local level and support of cooperation between government, local governments and non-governmental sector;
  • water and sanitation - drinking water supply, water and waste management.
South Sudan
  • healthcare - basic healthcare, nutrition programmes, education of the population on the importance of prevention and healthcare, training of healthcare personnel;
  • agriculture - development of agricultural projects and farms, implementation of new techniques and methods, agricultural products processing focused on their marketing and sales, food security.