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Aid makes a real difference. It can save lives, put kids into school, and reduce poverty and suffering. But at the moment no one knows exactly how much money is being spent, where or on what. In most cases, not even governments receiving aid have a full picture of where all the money goes. This undermines aid’s potential and its effectiveness. With more information, citizens in both donor and recipient countries could know whether aid money was having the best possible impact

Slovakia has been providing Official Development Assistance (ODA) since 2003. The Slovak ODA has become an intrinsic instrument of the Slovak foreign policy, which to a large extent shapes Slovakia’s relations with aid recipients and relevant international organizations. Having committed itself to the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals, Slovakia shares the responsibility for global development and poverty reduction endeavors in developing countries, aiming to promote their sustainable development.

The Global South-South Development Expo (GSSD Expo) is the FIRST EVER Expo solely from the South and for the South. It showcases successful Southern-grown development solutions (SDSs) to address the need to meet Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).It is designed as a concrete response to the strong commitment made by the Secretary-General and the UNDP Administrator to help the global South realize its shared aspirations for achieving sustainable and equitable development through the sharing and transfer of SDSs, with the support of the donor community and the multilateral system under innovative triangular and public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements. It also constitutes one of the UN Office’s three global and United Nations system-wide South-South support platforms.

Two interesting approaches, i.e. e-gardening and informatization of secondary schools and project-based learning have been applied by Slovak non-governmental organisations, People in Peril and Pontis Foundation in Kenya. Their aim is to modernize the Kenyan schooling system to create a favourable environment for development in the country. Mária Martiniaková talks to Tomáš Bokor (People in Peril) and Jakub Šimek (Pontis Foundation) to further explore the activities they have been implementing in Kenyan schools. More info: www.V4Aid.eu

The video document about Children Centre in a Nairobi slum - Ushirika - was created by a Slovak volunteer, Ondrej Zoricak, under the SlovakAid Volunteer Programme. slovakaid.sk

Project named Slovak-Kenyan Cooperation for Modern Schools is targeting four schools in Voi District with an aim to provide digital technology, training of teachers, study exchange trips of teachers and starting a project-based learning where students help local communities utilizing their newly attained ICT skills. Detailed information about the project can be found at nadaciapontis.sk. The project is being financed by the official development aid programme of the Slovak Republic - SlovakAid.

I never could have done this video on my own. I had so many wonderful people help me too, I want to thank: My friends at VenTribe.com sent me out to Kenya to film this. They are a fresh new way to shop online with friends, and they made the whole trip possible. They launch soon and will feature a gift collection of African styles featuring a few of the things you would have seen in the video. Check them out at http://www.ventribe.com.